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→ you should know that I do not update this journal. I only maintain communities and make graphics on LJ. you can add me if you'd like, but I won't comment your journals.

you can check out my communities:
chicswank ♦ graphics community
shesmrsomg ♦ graphics community

bspears20in20 ♦ britney spears 20in20 challenge
bspears_lims ♦ britney spears last icon maker standing challenge
bspears_stills ♦ britney spears stillness challenge
famous_stills ♦ celebrity stillness challenge
icons20in20 ♦ multi-media 20in20 challenge

I have a bunch of communities that I've created and didn't get anywhere with it so I'm giving them away here.

Feel free to promote your icon challenge type contests or graphics communities.
And if you're here to spam, please don't bother, I'm getting sick and tired of these pointless comments that are just a waste of everyone's time.
Tags: !welcome post, promo: promote here
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